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Plan your trip to Russia with Aba Travel

The Aba Travel Russia agency and tour operator provides individual and group tours to Russia, and its key tourist destinations such as Moscow, the capital of Russia and a beautiful city, Saint-Petersburg with its amazing historic setting, and ancient Russian cities along the Golden Ring.

Start your exploration of Russia from its heart, the place with millennia of history, magnificent monuments and sights, rich cultural tradition, buzzing nightlife and lots of other attractions, experiences and things to do.

Moscow Kremlin Tour

Moscow Kremlin is probably a primary component of any tour to Russia. In the Moscow Kremlin Tour visit the official center of Moscow and entire Russia, with its Armory Chamber, Diamond Fund, Tsar Bell, Tsar Cannon, and much more. History, culture, architecture of old and modern Russia.

Moscow Kremlin Tour

Moscow Taganka Tour

Walks with an experienced tour guide along the old part of Moscow, Taganka, so rich in historical monuments, churches, literary and cultural sites, to feel the ambience of the past years, learn about the glorious history, outstanding personalities and enjoy gorgeous views.

Moscow Walking Tour on Taganka

Zamoskvorechye Walking Tour

A walking tour in Zamoskvorechye (literally - beyond the Moscow River) will open a new Moscow to you: small and shady streets, churches and convents hidden from sight, lots of cultural landmarks connected with remarkable events or personalities of Russian history and culture, and cozy cafes and restaurants.

Moscow Zamoskvorechye Tour

Moscow River Boat Tour

Enjoy the comfortable boats, so called 'river trams', on the Moscow River to undertake a tour around the most spectacular sights and places in Moscow. An unhurried, relaxed and leisurely excursion along the river, fresh air and excellent views allowing photo angles hardly achiveable from the ground.

Moscow River Boat Tour

Best Moscow Museums Tour

Explore the immense treasuries of Moscow museums in this specially designed tour. Components of this tour - visiting museums - can be accommodated within any of other thematic tours, be it cultural, historic, leisure or even adventure.

Moscow Museums Tour

Arbat Walking Tour

A walking excursion along the pedestrian boulevard of Moscow, Arbat, where lots of historical places, buildings and attractions for tourists are concentrated. Also, Arbat is a great place to buy souvenirs, and to visit exclusive cafes and restaurants.

Moscow Arbat Tour

Russian Military Museums Tour

Russia is a country with history full of wars and conflicts. The greatest warlords and military nations of human history, from Genghis Khan, to Napoleon and Hitler's Nazis, attempted to conquer it... and failed. Learn about the Russian numerous glorious victories and rare bitter defeats in our military tour.

Russian Military Museums Tour

Russian Military Action Tour

A combination of military adventure activities for those interested in going through almost real combat experiences, such as flying a Russian jet fighter (MIG-29 or MIG-31), driving a modern or historical WWII tank, shooting pistol guns, assault rifles and machine guns of both Russian and Western models.

Military Action Tour


Aba Travel Russia provides visa support and letter of invitation (tourist voucher) services for tourists and travelers visiting Russia.
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Tours and excursions

Get assistance from our team of tour operators in designing and implementing a group or individual tour around Russia. This can be a ready-made tour, or a custom itinerary, including such destinations as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, cities of the famous Golden Ring, etc.

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We have a collection of best hotels, hostels, BnBs and apartments in Moscow city, Moscow Region (Podmoskovye), Saint Petersburg, and all around Russian Federation. Book your accommodation online and pay for the booking using Paypal.

Tourist Transport

Having the right car and driver to take you around the sights and between cities and destinations may a crucial factor for the success of your tour. Find the collection of true transportation professionals and description of available vehicles.
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