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Russian Visa

Obtain a visa to Russia with no hassle with Aba Travel Agency. Our experienced tour operators provide free-of-charge advice as to the visa regime between your country and Russian Federation, and propose an easy and cost-effective way to get the Russian visa, be it in your country, a neighboring country, or elsewhere as may be necessary.

Read the brief guide on Russian visa below to get an overall idea where, how and by whom the visa to Russia is furnished.


To visit Russia, foreigners need a visa sticker in their valid passport (expiry date should be at least 6 months after departure from Russia, there must be at least two available visa pages in it). See below how it should look:

Russian Travel Visa

There are two types of visas as far as non-government visitors are concerned, the Tourist visa, and Business visa.

Russian Tourist VisaRussian Business Visa
The tourist visa can be issued for a period of one month maximum, allowing single or double entry. The business visa can be issued for for a perod of three (3), six(6), or twelve(12) months and can be double or multiple entry.


Russian visa is issued in Russian Diplomatic and consular missions abroad. The applicant should submit required documents (see below) in person or by mail. Also, you can use various authorised agents to process your visa.

Documents needed to apply for Russian visa:

1. Original Passport
2. Filled in and signed two copies of Russian visa application form
3. One passport-size photo signed on the back
4. You may be requested to provide itineraries from your travel agent or hotel reservation indicating that you have booked the rooms in a certain hotel.
5. Offical Russian Visa Invitation from an authorised Travel Agency (for tourist visa) or a Russian Business or Organization (for business visa).


In order to come to Russia, you need to receive an invitation from someone in the country, be it a government agency, a business, a travel company, or even an individual. For tourists, invitations are provided by travel agencies (tour operators) who are accredited accordingly with the Russian authorities.

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