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Kremlin Tour

Tour Duration: One day
Tour price: approx. 5000 Rub per person
Tour Category: Walking tours, Culture, History, Religion

The Moscow Kremlin is the most spectacular view in the capital city known to every person who ever heard of Russia. This walled ancient citadel and architectural ensemble was built to defend the city and surrounding territories from numerous invaders in the 12th century. The megalopolis has outgrown far beyond the original walls since then, but the Kremlin has at all times remained the seat of political rulers and the cultural and spiritual core of Russia. Presently, the Kremlin remains the residence of the Russian President and has a vast Museum on a part of its territory.

The excursion of Moscow Kremlin starts from the Kutafia Tower, one of the twenty (20) Kremlin Towers. Then it continues inside the Kremlin and includes the Cathedral Square, the Palace Square, the Annunciation, the Assumption and the Archangel Cathedrals, Church of Deposition of the Robe, the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, Patriarch's Palace, Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell.

Outside the walls, you can visit the St. Basel Cathedral, the famous Red Square, Lenin's Mausoleum, State History Museum, and GUM Department Store.

See below the Map of The Moscow Kremlin
1. The Armory Chamber
2. The Assumption Cathedral
3. The Annunciation Cathedral
4. The Archangel's Cathedral
5. The Patriarch's Palace, The Twlelve Apostles Church and One-Pillar Chamber
6. The Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe
7. The Ivan The Great Bell Tower, The Assumption Belfry and the Filaret Annex
8. The Tsar Cannon
9. The Tsar Bell
10. The Faceted Chamber
11. The State Kremlin Palace
12. The Terem Palace
13. The Grand Kremlin Palace
14. The Arsenal
15. The Senate
16. The Kutafia Tower
17. The Trinity Tower
18. The Commandant Tower
19. The Armory Tower
20. The Borovitskaya (Grove) Tower
21. The Water Supplying Tower
22. The Annunciation Tower
23. The Secret Tower
24. The First Nameless Tower
25. The Second Nameless Tower
26. The Peter's Tower
27. The Moskvoretskaya (Moscow River) Tower
28. The Sts Constantine and Helen Tower
29. The Alarm Bell Tower
30. The Tsar Tower
31. The Saviour Tower
32. The Senate Tower
33. The St. Nicolas Tower
34. The Corner Arsenal Tower
35. The Middle Arsenal Tower
36. The Secret Gardens
37. The Alexander Gardens
38. Gift Shop and Excursion Center
39. State History Museum
40. The Church of the Intercession (St. Basil's Cathedral)
41. The Manege
42. Okhotny Ryad Shopping and Entertainment Center
43. GUM Department Store
44. Moscow State University after M. Lomonosov
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