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Best Moscow Museums Tour

Tour Duration: One day or more, extendable
Tour price: based on chosen museums and entrance fees

Enjoy the best and largest Moscow museums in a one or two day excursion around the city. The museums can be visit either during walking tours or motorised tours. Visiting the museums can be a whole excursion, or organized as an addition to a different tour, for example, general Moscow excursions, or thematic tours.

Tretyakovskaya Gallery, Moscow

In Zamoskvorechye, there is a house that was purchased by the famous Russian arts collector, patron of art and philanthropist to accommodate one of the largest and finest collections of art in Russia. The museum grew in size and quality of the collection, and the premises of the museum were expanded accordingly. Now its facade, designed by the prominent Russian artist Vasnetsov, is one of the symbols of Russian art.

Tretyakovka features a great collection of ancient Russian icons, including the Trinity of Andrey Rublev, paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries by Kramskoy, Vasnetsov, Shishkin, Repin, Surikov and Vereshagin.

Also, the gallery offers a huge collection of modern art of Soviet period.

Tretyakovskaya Gallery

Kramskoy, Portrait of a Woman

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

The Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Pushkin, is one of the largest collections of foreign art in Russia covering time periods from antiquity to the present day. The Museum features genuine pieces of painting, scuplture, graphics and handcrafts, as well as copies of the most famous works of Greek and Italian masters.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Diamond Fund, Moscow

The Diamond Fund collection originates from the time of Peter The Great (1672-1725) who issued an decree to start gathering the material values not just as the possession of the Royal famlity, but of the entire nation. In consequent centuries, the fund was enriched with excusive diamonds, jewels, other precious stones, golden and silver decorations as well as unique nuggets.

The collection features seven so called Historical Diamonds, of which two are particuarly famous - the giant Orlov Diamond, aleegedly purchased by Count Orlov to present to his queen, Catherine the Great, the Emperess of Russia; and the Shakh Diamond which was tranferred to the Russian throne as a contribution for murdering one of the famous Russian poets, Griboedov.

Orlov Diamond

Shakh Diamond

St Basil (Pokrov) Cathedral, Moscow

The image of this museum is iconic to Russia and Moscow: it is probably the most favourite view and historical object that is widely recognizable as a symbol of Russia.

This amazing construction was erected upon an order of Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible from 1555 to 1561 to celebrate Russian war victories over Kazan.

The Cathedral hosts a museum of ancient Russian paintings and decorative art.

Orlov Diamond

State History Museum, Moscow

One of the largest collections of historical and cultural exhibits of the entire known history of Russia, enthnic groups that used to live here. The collection includes objects of archaeology, numismatology, wooden and metal accessories, precious metals and stones, glass and ceramics, manuscripts and written sources, fabrics and costumes, maps, paintings and books.

State History Museum, Moscow

Archaeology Museum, Moscow

A museum that is located in an underground pavilion and shows the founds of archaeological excavations in the historical center of Moscow. Those are coins, clothing, books, etc. - all what was hidden, forgotten and then found by archaeologists. The focus of the exhibition is the Voskresensky Bridge - a whole stone bridge around which the museum was arranged.

This museum is a great stop during your walks around Moscow Kremlin.

Archaeology Museum, Moscow

Metro Museum, Moscow

The museum of Metro was established in 1967 as an input of several activists interested in history and activities of the metro. They have collected an interesting exhibition describing how and why metro operates, and how it was used at different times as a bomb shelter. Also, the exhibition shows the variety of architectural styles applied in Moscow metro stations, making them a piece of urban development art.

Metro Museum, Moscow

Old English Court Museum, Moscow

Built in 16th century, the building of the Old English Court is located to the east from the Kremlin and can be reached by foot. For centuries, the mansion was used as a trade representation or embassy by the English Government. The building has its unique ambience of a medeival mansion, with a touch of Russian, English and Italian architecture.

Old English Court, Moscow

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