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Russia Military Action Tour

Tour Duration: Customizable, expandable
Tour price: based on chosen components
Tour Category: Military, Adventure, Military History, Wars

For real fans of weapons, war machines and ammunition. This combined tour shows you the opportunities you may have in Russia to participate in various military activities, such as flying a modern fighter jet (MIG-29, MIG-31, SU-27,YAK-130) or war planes of the past wars. Also, you can drive a tank - both modern or from World War 2 - both Russian and of the Nazis. Amazingly, you can actually shoot a tank's gun. As an addition, you can test various models of firearms, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns.

Flying a War Plane in Russia

There are several opportunities available in Russia to fly a fighter jet or a propeller airplane. Near Moscow, in a small Zhukovsky town, you can fly MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-25, MIG-29, SU-27. Also, you can fly propeller planes such as YAK18T, YAK52, AN-2, Cessna-172, etc. The flight program would usuall be one hour, guided by an experienced pilot, an can be one of the following:
- Flight on altitude 200-250 meters (500 ft)
- Flight to the static ceiling of 25 km on MIG-25
- Basic, Advanced and Aerobatic Flight Maneuvers

MiG29 Fulcrum

Driving a Combat Tank in Russia

In Russian war history, tanks has been extremely important in the last half of the 20th century, in particular, during the WWII, where huge tank battles happened between the Red Army and the Wehrmacht. You can have full experience of driving a tank in a forest and in open field; you can test both Soveit and German tanks and armored vehicles such as German Hanomag SdKfz 251, and even fire a shot from the tank gun.

Tank T34

Shooting Range Tour in Russia

Just a couple hours drive from Moscow, and you arrive to a military base where a huge selection of firearms, including pistols such as Walter, Parabellum, and Tulsky Tokarev TT; rifles Mosin Nagant, Mosin Sniper, Mauser, Tokarev SVT, Simonov SKS, Lee-Enfield; PPSh and PPS submachine guns, German MP40, Thompson, assult rifles AK-47, German Sturmgewehr; Maxim and Lewis machine guns.

Maxim Machine Gun

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